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What do Abraham Lincoln, Larry King and J. C. Penney have in common? 
Each of them failed at a business or filed bankruptcy.  Most people who, for whatever reason, find themselves thinking about ways to get out from overwhelming debt or financial distress have feelings of shame, guilt or embarassment.  We understand not only how good people come to face hard times but how bankruptcy may be the best tool to give you a new start and remove the worry that can destroy lives and families. Our experienced and skilled attorneys will guide you through the process, starting with helping you choose the form of bankruptcy best suited to your needs.  Or maybe bankruptcy is not required - we can help you negotiate with creditors to avoid bankruptcy.

Divorce & Family Law

Unfortunately,  the  song  is  wrong  -  love is not all
you need. 
If the time has come for you to move forward
out  of a marriage,  we can  help  you  through one of the
most  challenging  experiences in  life,  which  has long-
term  impact  on your  children,  emotions,  and financial
well-being.   Divorce  can  bring  out the worst in people,
and we will  help guide you  through this  tough  process
while protecting your rights and the rights of any children.

Problems  also arise after divorce which require help,  as
when you need to adjust child visitation or changed financial circumstances require a modification of child or spousal support.  Given our experience, we can often obtain better results quickly and more economically than other attorneys or firms.

Personal Injury

When you are dealing with the pain from an accident, let us deal with the pain of insurance adjusters. 
Whether you were injured in a car accident, work-related injury, or slip and fall, insurance companies switch from friendly lizards to  crocodiles once you ask them for money.  You need someone on your side who understands how the system works and who can get you the settlement or judgment you deserve.

Estate Planning & Probate

                                                              While   there   is   no    escaping
                                                              death  and  taxes,  by preparing
                                                              for the first you can minimze the
It  is  easy   to   put   off
                                                              planning  for  your  eventual demise,
                                                              but  without  a  will  or  trust you are
                                                              leaving  it  up  to  lawmakers  and a
                                                              judge how your money and property
                                                              will  be  distributed.   We  can  help
                                                              you  create   n   estate   plan   that
makes certain your property is distributed the way you want it to be, and set up legal ways to minimize the taxes your heirs pay.  We can also help you in administering a trust or will, or protecting your rights under a will or trust.

Real Estate Law

There's a lot more to owning, managing or renting property than "location, location, location." 
Once considered a safe investment, real property has for a few years been a minefield of upside-down mortgages, repossessions, defaults, trustee sales - things most homeowners, landlords and tenants never had to worry about before.  Our extensive experience in all aspects of buying, selling, and managing both income property and homes will allow you to navigate these complex and ever-changing legal matters to achieve the best outcome.

Corporations, Partnerships & LLCs

Do you really want to trust your business and financial future to a low-cost "corporation mill" who says they will easily help you legally incorporate all the while admitting they cannot offer legal advice?  While it is true that incorporating can protect your personal assets and offers many other significant benefits, the form of your incorporation, how you set it up, and how you conduct its business involve legal questions that only an experienced law firm can answer.  Many business owners find that their "corporation" means little to the IRS during an audit, and those defending against lawsuits discover that their "corporation" which they thought would protect them is pierced as an "alter ego" and their personal assets are all on the line.  You need to depend upon solid, experienced legal advice and receive documents drafted to prevent future problems you might not anticipate.  You need to depend on Bloomfield Law Group, Inc.
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