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    as okay , i got a whole corsican sheep in yesterday for a 1/2 mount and the guy didnt want the meat . is it edible or will it be tough and taste funny ? he said the last sheep ( game farm bighorn ) that i butchered for him last year tasted terrible so he didnt want i cook the ram meat in the oven at 350 for an hour per lb.
  • Some exceptional rams; roan, corsican and desert painted ; an exceptional 4-hored ram ; large corsican ram sherri shares her recipes

My son shot a corsican ram down in texas a few years ago. tried every way possible to cook it, but never found a recipe that could make;jsess

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Dinner that night was a very simple, and very tasty recipe of andouille the 240 grain 33889 cast hp hit the corsican ram audibly, and he went down hard.

Also in 1984, special awards were originated for the texas slam (the taking of a corsican ram, mouflon ram, texas dall ram, and hawaiian black ram) and the super slam (the taking of an axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, blackbuck antelope, mouflon sheep, aoudad, corsican sheep, ibex, red deer, and catalina goat).

The corsican ram is probably the most hunted exotic. the corsican is from the west indies and is a reddish brown sheep with a black mane that can grow to a pretty impressive length. large rams will weigh 125 pounds.

Corsican ram - texas dall ram - black hawaiian ram - mouflon ram ; painted desert ram - merino ram - ibex goat - catalina goat - spanish goat ; white fallow deer - chocolate fallow deer - spotted fallow deer

They generally have recipes you can be confident about, but this one in particular is absolutely brilliant, it contains absolut gems dieters abstain, of course! it's one of these i had not made yet, and i was wondering about the result, slighly sceptical i suppose. fiadone, a corsican dessert & a giveaway

Corsican space online shop of the best corsican products delivered at home within 5 days (european union welcome to;). ; true delicatessen which invites you to travel through the discovery of authenticity, gastronomy and ancestral traditions.;

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| Corsican Ram Recipes | | Pig Pens For Sale |

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