| What To Do If Accidentally Eat Raw Chicken | | How Do You Cook Flank Steak On The Stovetop |

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as well, if you ate raw chicken, how much did you eat??? alot? a little? if you ate a little, u might get stomach cramps, but if you ate alot, be careful, you may experience diarrhea or vomiting. :o i eat raw meat all the time. i am alive. nuff said. stressing over it might get you sick though.

Is raw chicken dangerous to eat, and if so why (people eat raw eggs, why not raw chicken)? has anybody tried i've eaten rare chicken before (accidentally). the white meat was not bad rare, but dark meat rare was kind of slimy and rubbery. i'd try it completely raw if i were in a social setting where it was appropriate,

Ask dr. cates; raw chicken and salmonella dear dr. cates, i touched raw chicken with a cut on my finger. does this mean i might have salmonella? -- chris dear chris, you're right to be concerned about handling raw chicken carefully to decrease the risk of salmonella infection.

On the flipside, i do not own one of these systems now, and have never given anyone salmonella, listeria or e. coli, at least not accidentally. the process and technology reduce the level of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria found on meat and produce by up to 99.5% - making it safer to eat and extending its shelf-life.

If you eat raw chicken, you will basically have to wait to see what happens. if you get sick, you will know what caused it. and if you do get sick, call the doctor immediately for medication. what if i accidentally eat raw chicken?,1511,813,00.html



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| What To Do If Accidentally Eat Raw Chicken | | How Do You Cook Flank Steak On The Stovetop |

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