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as some people make their own nag champa-style incense at home, but usually these do not follow the traditional recipe with the champa flower oil and halmaddi, due to their rarity and cost. loose or pellet incense is made by grinding and mixing the ingredients you wish to use, and burning with charcoal.

So what has attributed to these increases and why does satya nag champa smell different? there are a few possible reasons for this. 1. the recipe has changed, we have been told from reliable sources that this has actually been going on the past 7 years or so, but more dramatically the last 6 months.

It seemed to smell so good when i was a kid/ teena it seemed to smell so good when i was a kid/ teenager / young man but now that i am 38 it does not smell as good anymore almost a little bitter in a weird way; did my nose change or did the recipe?

Although, the original is no longer made with the all natural resins and ingredients it once was, real, 100% natural, nag champa with the aroma of the halmadii resin that made this fragrance famous can still be found in the superior recipe of shanthimalai nag champa in the red box.

Nag champa incense is one of the most popular incenses in the world. used extensively in religious ceremonies, it's also a meditative aid for the lone spiritualist. other flower oils are also used in the making of nag champa incense, although each manufacturer has its own recipe and the specific oils vary.

  • Note- sai baba nag champa is no longer produced according to the original recipe. although it is marketed as the same product it is now substantially
  • Nag champa soap ; a non-lard soap with great lather! and a nice hard bar. turns out the missing ingredient is palm oil; which can be found as organic shortening in the grocery store. unfortunately this soap came out, well, cosmetically challenged, i'm including the general composition, since this is a great recipe.
  • The most divine of senses delve into the world of scent and discover your inspiration with auric blends. egyptian goddess perfume solid perfume & amber incense nag champa henna/body art
  • We have selection of all types of incense, incense burners, indian and tibetan incense, candles, scented candles. nag champa incense being very popular, many similar names and packing are readily available in the market. we guarantee authentic nag champa to you shipped fresh directly from india. click here for>> nag

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| Nag Champa Recipe | | Green Witches Brew Punch Recipe |

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