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bi and we're marching we're marching here we go here we go here we go let me see your funky chicken what's that you say i said let me see your funky chicken show me the way i

Chicken dancegreat to do while cubs beat fine and sunny day on the back of a crocodile you see said she want to be with him it grieves my heart sowont you let me go

Heeey - let me see your boog-a-loo (leader) what’s that you say? (group) i said - let me see you let me see your funky chicken (do the

Let me see ifn i can do this. http ubb/rolleyes.gif lol as you say mate you gets whats ya pays for soooooooo nuff said. you pluck the feathers off funky chicken do you

The funky chicken: (leader) let me see you funky chicken! (all) what's that you say? (leader) let me see you funky chicken! (all) what's that you say?

I can see you right now? creepy! what did you laugh most let me guess, you were drunk last night? just a wee bit some funky chicken lovennn god help the ppl on our bus last

Whats up? smoke weed. take pills. yes ma'm smoke crack i said you..nasty hoe let me go crazy cunt. callin me a lil lunt. ima roll a fat

I said, you nasty hoe you're fat *** gosta' go fire up, fire it up grad my guitar, pluck a string let me go, crazy ****! callin me a

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| Let Me See You Funky Chicken Whats That You Said | | Vincent Family Cranberries |

Whats your opinion on canned chicken? yesterday to try but haven't yetwill let you saw the ads with the tins dancing to the funky chicken

Let me tell you, the chicken is fried chicken they said. so i made a special trip to see for fried chicken and awesome homemade sides. i won't say whats already been said

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