Civil Lawsuits.  Bankruptcy.  Divorce.  Accidents.
       Mortgage defaults.  Trusts and Estate Planning

Life happens.  Most of the time you can handle things on
your own.  When you need help, we are here for you.


                                                    Yet  there  are   times  when  you  need  the
                                                    help of someone  who not only understands
                                                    the law  and how to make it work for you but
                                                    who  understands  how  the  situations  that
lead   to  the  need for  a lawyer  have   a   very  real  impact  on the  lives  of
those involved.

      It's not just the about the law - it's about your life.

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We can help with:

Civil Litigation
    Filing Lawsuits
    Defending Yourself

   Chapter 7
   Chapter 11
   Chapter 13

Divorce & Family Law
   Divorce California Style
   Legal Separation
   Prenuptial Agreements
   Child Custody
   Child & Spousal Support
   Child Visitation
   Property Settlements
Personal Injury

   Auto Accidents
   Wrongful Death
   Medical Malpractice

Estate Planning & Probate

Real Estate Law
   Purchase Contracts
   Foreclosures & Default
   Landlord/Tenant Law
   Boundaries/ Easements
   Construction Defect Suits
   Contractor Defense
   Quiet Title

Business Associations
   Limited Partnerships

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