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Soda bottle, and a few other easy to obtain chemicals. mixed together and shaken it produces a deadly cocktail. meth producing use to require elaborate labs that took time to assemble and take down. it required many flammable liquids and hot boiling chemicals to cook this substance.

You are here: home / multimedia / meth videos / meth is easy to make how easy is it to make meth? watch this video by frontline and you’ll see just how easy it is for someone to set up a meth lab in your neighborhood. once they use a home to make meth, it will be classified as a hazardous waste site that is unsafe

In reply to: meth posted by dome69x69 on august 13, 19103 at 19:13:26: when one's purpose is to convert them into methamphetamine, it is very easy to eliminate most of the pills offered for sale. colored pills are automatically rejected because one does not want the coloring to be carried into the product.

Meth isnt as bad as it seems it all depends on your self control. you can get addicted to cigarettes just as easy as meth. i do meth but i dont drink my piss or eat my scabs. i have a wife and a kid on the way. so stfu people you dont know shit unless youve done it.

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| Easy Meth | | Chili With Spicy V8 Juice |

  • This method has the advantage of being easy to do. it was formerly the most popular method of making meth from ephedrine. now red phosphorus is on the california list of less restricted chemicals, so an increased level of subterfuge is called for to obtain significant amounts.
  • Easy to hide and carry. quick and easy to do. relatively safe. all these are things that make "crystal meth" the thrill seeker's drug of choice.
  • Recipes / easy meth recipes gun (1000+) web results with easy meth recipes gun hi5 group topic: easy meth recipes ice chest easy meth recipes. group: chinese pornunvc. hi5 is a social network that helps you find friends from

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