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bi operations have had to tweak the original recipe a bit because the pelton's dry spudnut mix making, if they could come up with a good recipe. potato flour was

Spudnut shops were a franchised chain of stores selling potato flour donuts called spudnuts. pelton bros. coined the term spudnut, referring to the potato in the donut recipe

Doughnuts, raised potato (spudnuts) (d, tnt) source: adapted recipe from a large quantity product entrepreneur) were originally made with (potato flour/aka/spudnut flour

As these particular [donuts] were not donuts at all, but a spudnut - a special brand of potato flour mix by a franchise that originated in salt lake city, utah. the original recipe

Spudnut recipe from the 5/20/00 alumni sandstorm: ~~~~~ >>from: marilyn swan yeast dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 12 to 15 cups flour 1/2

For the uninitiated, a spudnut is a doughnut made with potato flour. they were apparently operations have had to tweak the original recipe a bit because the pelton's dry spudnut

1900s, and a recipe was published in 1938. potato doughnuts tend to be lighter than flour doughnuts, and are prepared in a similar method to other doughnuts. a chain of spudnut

  • But the secret to their success is mashed potatoes. this recipe will serve a add the potato mixture, flour, lemon juice, lemon zest, water, yeast eggs and nutmeg.
  • A spudnut is a potato flour donut a folk recipe which traces back to germany when brothers al and bob pelton of salt lake city learned of this in 1940 they experimented to see
  • Dissolve yeast in potato water. add potatoes. mix together knead in flour. let rise double. roll and cut; let rise. fry enter your email to signup for the recipe,1-0,spudnut,ff.html

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| Spudnut Recipe With Potato Flour | | Vinegratte Bacon |

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