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ya i have not had any personal experience making hair gel from aloe vera yet. i would experiment by adding a thickener such as guar or xanthan gum.

Of high quality brand name emulsifiers for lotions and other water based skin and hair care products. use with xanthan gum to provide a binding emulsion.

Base shampoo for all hair types (organic) base shower gel/body wash (organic) aloe vera); xanthan gum; phenoxyethanol and ethylhezylglycerin (preservative 12)

Ginger root and fresh peppermint leaf, xanthan gum (vegetable protein), menthol vegan crab cakes with wasabi mayonnaise recipe. view all recipes

Skin gel recipes. aloe gel (makes 100ml) stage 1. 88ml spring water. 1g/2ml/1/2 tsp xanthan gum herbs for skin care and hair care. how to use herbs in

And wellbeing products made from 100% pure aloe vera and bee pollen. ancient recipes sorbate, sodium benzoate, papain, xanthan gum, tocopherol (vitamin e)

Pca (sugar cane), alcohol (from organic apples), xanthan gum (natural emulsifier) skin & hair care > aloe ferox cosmetics > fresh white gel. why raw?

Ingredients for hair care and skin care products. ingredient name: gum arabic hair care recipes >> dry hair / hair conditioner / herbs for hair / shampoo

  • Recipes: aloe gel. 89 ml spring water. 1 gm (or 2ml) xanthan gum. 10 ml aloe vera concentrate hair setting lotion. sunscreen lotion. miscellaneous. weather
  • Care for hands and feet. cats. chemically treated hair. classes. comfrey gel. comfrey gel facts & info xanthan gum, in aloe comfrey gel. y. yogurt mask. z. z-base
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| Hair Gel Recipes With Aloe And Xanthan Gum | | Tiedye Shirt In Salt Lake Ut |