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as my doctor wants me to douche every 3 days with a betadine douche. he said it is availabe otc, but dh went to three stores to locate it without luck. my doctor will be out of the office for the weekend and i can't remember his directions for making my own.

Vaginal douche advice how to make a vaginal douche ; (27 dec 2007) some douche recipes for yeast infections and vaginitis are: ; vinegar douche;

Information on vaginal douche - vaginal douche recipe - betadine vaginal douche; while vaginal douching is not normally suggested is it destroys the delicate ph balance, there are some natural douches that are wonderful and perfectly safe to use.

Find out all about betadine douche, including the most common uses, side effects, there is a natural douche recipe to solve all your problems.

Depending on your need, there is a natural douche recipe to solve all your problems. fill douche bag and use accordingly. tea tree oil douche * (vaginitis); two quarts warm water ; ¼ cup apple cider vinegar ; 10 drops of tea tree oil ; combine ingredients in a two quart douche bag and use accordingly.

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  • Betadine douche for abdominal hysterectomy recipe for douche baking soda and water douche recipe
  • Don’t douche. "we do not recommend douching. it is possible to traumatize the vagina by over-douching," huang says, adding that douching can although the betadine douche is sometimes recommended as a cure for yeast infection, huang says "betadine is an antiseptic, which can be irritating to the skin of the vagina."

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| Betadine Douche Recipe | | Five Cheese Mac And Cheese |

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