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Sausage balls, and other free appetizer recipes - plus hundreds of other food recipes from a gourmet deep fried walnut chicken. easy crab imperial. crab

Deep fried fresh sausage makes a good appetizer for the party. remove sausage from casing, form balls and dip into fish fry then fry. that's it. home

Deep-fried barbecue ribs some, like his deep-fried peeps, failed. others, like cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped, beer-battered sausage balls were clear winners.

Great for parties and gatherings, this recipe is made from common deep-fry these balls in a skillet with hot oil in medium heat until it become brown.

Cajun sausage meatballs. cajun seafood balls. cajun deep-fried mozzarella. deli-garden sandwich round. delicious delights. deviled cottage cheese dip

"boudain balls" or "boudin balls" are this sausage and rice the boudain balls (hu-hu-huh) that you had were deep fried and may have had cheese in them.

Much discussion on a food board i frequent about sausage balls.apparently, these are a party staple in the south. deep-fried crispy honeycomb tripe

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| Deep Fried Sausage Balls | | Pospas Recipe |