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A butter bowl is a ceramic dish with a simple, ingenious design that keeps butter at the perfect consistency for spreading while also preventing it

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10 oz. sirloin & grilled shrimp scampi* 10-ounce black angus sirloin topped with maison butter paired with jumbo butterflied shrimp, charbroiled and served in garlic and tomato

The petite maison french butter bowl is designed to keep butter fresh and spreadable without putting it in the fridge. before the refrigerator butter was kept in a butter bowl and

A 7.7 oz jar of pure delicous temptation! wonderful on crepes, pies, ice cream. of course it might be hard to resist just spooning it out of the jar!

La maison d'armorine was founded in 1946, and is still based in a small town in brittany. famous for the quality of their candy, especially their salted butter caramels made

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| Maison Butter | | Chicken In The Rough Recipe |

Butter, melted parmesan cheese chopped garlic maison louisianne creole spices. cut baguette in slices. brush on melted butter. sprinkle chopped parmesan, garlic, and maison louisianne

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