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Place a drip pan between the rows of coals directly under the grate beneath the place where the duck will be roasting. if using a gas grill, place the duck on the spit according to the manufacturer’s directions, then insert the spit into the motor. turn the rotisserie on. cover the grill and cook for 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours,

Now with a gas grill that grease is just going to catch fire and you will end up getting that bird nice and crispy in about 10 minutes. you will want to rig up your duck just like you would on the grill without a rotisserie. you want a drip pan, but don’t want the duck sitting in the pan and you want the duck standing up

"i am planning on making two ducks barbecued on either my gas grill on a rotisserie or on my charcoal weber. i have never made duck this way before. any one out there bbq duck in either fashion any help with recipes or technique would be very much appreciated."

Remove duck from wrapper. empty body cavity, rinse with cold water and pat dry with clean paper towels. using a sharp skewer prick the skin of the duck all over the tired of chicken? try duck. what you will need; 1 dead duck; 1 rotisserie; 1 metal or wooden skewer seasoning fried chicken on the grill by branonls;

My husband and i were anxious to try out the rotisserie on the new grill and thought duck would be a great option for the maiden voyage. this recipe is super easy, the sauce was really tasty, and it made for a great christmas dinner that we didn't have to fuss over.

This review is from: ducane 20002301 propane gas grill with rotisserie burner, black base (lawn & patio) i've used it with beef and pork roasts, leg of lamb, kabobs (in a basket) and every type of poultry up to about a 15 pound turkey, and ohhh, what a great tasting duck! the grill comes with a smoker grate that allows

Enjoy and savor these pleasant tasting weber grill recipes weber grill recipes are very easy to prepare, delicious, and pleasant tasting. for those who like grilled dishes, they can enjoy and savor some of the most delectable weber grill recipes, namely grilled duck with weber 9891 gas barbecue rotisserie

This weekend i'm going to try a whole duck on the gas grill. i've done whole roast duck in the oven, so i know about scoring the skin and my plan is to turn on the rear burner (of 3) and put the having cooked chicken on rotisserie on a gas grill several times i'm anxious to try duck on one. any experiences with this?

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| Rotisserie Duck On Gas Grill | | Recipe For Floam |